Fiberglass Shingles

Shingle roofing comes in many forms, including metal, asphalt, and wood. Of these materials, fiberglass shingle roofing is one of the most resilient and cost-effective options. RoofWorx - Wentzville offers a range of quality roofing solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in installing fiberglass roofs that look beautiful and last for decades. If you are looking for a new roof that can stand the test of time with minimal need for maintenance, our selection of custom fiberglass shingle roofing may be the perfect choice for you. Contact our team today to learn more about our fiberglass shingle roofing services. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful and durable roof for your home or business.

The Advantages of Fiberglass

Fiberglass shingle roofs offer several advantages that make them a popular option among homeowners. Fiberglass roofing is highly resistant to UV rays, fire, high winds, hail, and moisture damage. On average, they can last up to four times as long as asphalt roofs and require minimal upkeep. This type of roofing material is also lightweight yet durable, and comes in an array of colors and styles that can be customized to your preference. For added protection, our team is experienced in installing roofing systems with additional features, such as secondary water barriers. By choosing fiberglass shingle roofing, you can rest assured that your roof will not only give your home a boost in curb appeal, but also remain strong even in the harshest weather conditions.

A Solution to Fit Any Budget

We know that budget is an important factor for our customers when it comes to selecting a new roof. That’s why our team works hard to provide quality roofing solutions that fit any budget. Whether you are looking for a simple roofing system with basic features or one with enhanced protection, we have options that can accommodate your needs and price point. We'll work with you to find the perfect balance of cost and quality that suits your needs. With us, you don't have to sacrifice protection for affordability!

Our Roofing Services

Our skilled roofers have the tools and expertise to handle all your fiberglass shingle roofing needs. We provide full-service roof installation, repairs, and replacements. We also offer emergency services for unexpected damage or leaks. No matter the size of your project, we have the experience needed to complete it quickly, efficiently, and at a price that fits your budget. We also provide detailed inspections as part of our services so that we can identify any weak areas or potential problems before they become major issues. Our team is committed to providing you with a strong, long-lasting roof that will stand the test of time.

Put Your Trust in Our Team

At RoofWorx - Wentzville, we strive to provide our customers with superior roofing solutions at competitive prices. Our experienced team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch installation services for a fully satisfactory customer experience every time. When you choose us for your roof installation or roof replacement, you know you will be in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our fiberglass shingle roofing options and how we can help you get the best roof for your home or business.

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